How do i reserve/book a party or service

  1. You can book your party online by clicking “Book Now” or email

  2. A credit card deposit is required to officially book a party.  This may be done via Paypal or Cash App.  

what happens after i book?

 Please look out for a questionnaire if you have not already received and completed one before booking.    You are not considered "booked" until after your deposit is paid.  We may be in touch via email with some questions regarding party preferences and details, but this is when you get to enjoy the fact that someone else will do the work so you don't have to!

how far in advance should i book my party/service?

We request that reservations be made within 1-2 months of the desired party date because we provide alot of customized items.   If you are looking into a certain date and it is available, you are more than welcome to book it! Please keep in mind the rush fees will apply for any event booked within 2 weeks of the requested date.   Depending on the intensity of your event requests, we reserve the right to decline your event if there is not enough time for us to provide an excellent execution.



what happens if there is inclement weather or my child is sick?

In the event of inclement weather, Petite Couture by Exclusively His reserves the right to reschedule your event to a time we have available.  If your child becomes sick, we will work with you to find an alternative date.  These dates will sometimes need to be weekdays.  If you choose to cancel your event, your deposit is non-refundable.


where are your events held?

All events are held at the client's requested location. This may be a home, church, hall, or rented venue/party space.   If you are in need of an event space, we recommend Anytime Kids of Charlotte, or Viktory Lane also of Charlotte. 


We only host events on the first level of multi-story buildings.  We are mobile, meaning that we come to you.  We do not provide a party bus for events, but we can help get you connected with one!

If hostesses feel unsafe or are made to feel unsafe or uncomfortable by clients or client's guests at any time, they maintain the right to refuse service and or leave the premises and all monies will be forfeited.



Yes! Many of our packs can be hosted outdoors including in parks, especially covered shelters.  Some packs require access to water or a power outlet so please contact is to see how we can make this work for you.



The two hour mark is optimal for keeping our lttle friends engaged and positively preoccupied.  This time span allows time for 1-2 activities, food, cake & gifts.    

We will provide longer time spans upon request, and also with our Just For Kids's Packages, we have some wiggle room to allow more time depending on your needs.  Additional fees apply.


do you provide catering? 

We do not provide catering, however, we do order and serve food that you approve.  We typically order pizzas from Papa Johns or Hungry Howies, Chicken Nuggets from Chick -Fil-A,  and Desserts from local Bakeries.  We are happy to make your day much easier by setting up and serving the provided food, and even purchasing the food, depending on your Party Pack details and requests.


Adding friends to guest list

You most certainly can add guests to your list, however, each additional guest will incur a fee.

The Guest of Honor is included in the total guest count.  This final count is required at least 2 weeks prior to your event.



Can you accommodate guests with food allergies?

We will help as much as possible, but it is your responsibility as party host to determine if any of your guests have food allergies.  Upon request, we will accommodate your requirements.
Petite Couture by Exclusively His, its employees, and associates are not responsible for allergic reactions possibly caused by the menu, make up, hair accessories, wearing of dress-up clothing or any other activity taking place before, during or after the celebration.

In case of liability or financial remuneration due to any possible medication reaction, the responsibility lies solely on the client.

Additionally, Petite Couture by Exclusively His, assumes no responsibility or liability for any accidents or damages that occur during a party such as staining of skin, hair, or clothing due to use of any products such as eye shadow, hairsprays, colored hairsprays, glitter tattoos, crafting supplies etc...


What do i need to buy or bring to party?

You can relax!  We will provide everything needed to complete each service. You may only need to arrange for the refreshments, cake-depending on your Package and requests.   We do require clear access to the party space, and time to setup and break down event without interruption.  We ask that any visitors refrain from entering event space before start time.

In the event that you would like additional items included with your existing package, we do offer a la carte items to fit your needs!


what if my guests are late?

We completely understand that things and traffic happens!  We also  value the fact that each invited guest is very special and it can be hard to start a party without one, but due to the nature of our business we must start and finish all scheduled parties on time.

You are allotted a certain amount of party service time.  It is completely  your choice to wait for your tardy guests or begin the party with those present. We strongly suggest starting the party at it's scheduled time and letting tardy guests join in the fun as they arrive.  This is so that you don't risk running out of time to complete all services or activities with the guests present.

Upon availability a party may be extended the day of if necessary for an additional fee.

Every Additional Half Hour=$50

Payment FAQ's

Prices are Firm: All package prices and package contents/guest counts are firm and can not be changed or substituted. However, you are welcome to customize an existing pacakge by adding services or amenities listed under "Uprgade your Package!"

Rush Fees: A last minute booking time frame may vary depending on particular package choice and guest count size.

Most often it refers to booking less than 2 weeks before your event date.

The average Rush Order fee is $45.

The Deposit: Your deposit is considered non-refundable. However, your deposit, less tax, is used towards the total cost of the party. So, your "Remaining Balance" due on the day of your party will be the "Total Cost of the Party" with the "Party Deposit" (less tax) deducted from it.

Paying for No-Shows:  It stinks to pay for an empty seat, but we do have to charge regardless, based off of the count that you provide to us.  Reason being- we purchase and transport items for each party in the amounts submitted  based off of the guests listed in your final count and/or listed on your party agreement.

Media Policy

We love to share good things on Social Media, but we want you to be ok with it as well. 


Out of respect for each child in attendance, we provide a Media Release form to be signed for by their parents.  We will not post any pictures of children without their parent's permission.  

Thank you for Stopping By!

We Look forward to Celebrating With You!