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It pleases us to please YOU-the client, as well as your guests.   We have been involved in bringing special touches to graduation parties, small corporate & ministry events, birthdays, weddings, classroom decor & organization and custom gift baskets just to name a few.  It will be a great privilege to hear your heart, and aesthetically translate it's vision, for others to experience in the atmosphere.

Our team's goal is to glorify God in every little thing we do, while creating an organized event planning experience that allows you to enjoy every step of the process, ensuring a celebration day that is as close to perfect as possible, so that you can be the guest of honor at your own event.   





Hello-I'm Sony!

An active servant in the Children's Church Ministry, our Executive Creative Designer is a former Afterschool elementary/middle school educator & coordinator for the CMS school system, as well as SOLDiers Summer Camp.  Known to many as "Ms.Sony", she is stamped in many kids' hearts & minds for the creativity, fun and love during teachings & activities. 


 The largest portion of skill set, organization and event design at the core, came from Hands-On learning and service at various conferences, meetings, Showers, weddings and functions at her church, in Charlotte NC-as well as her experience in retail merchandising and management.

Also an advocate for domestic violence support, at-risk children, and girl's empowerment-Sony believes in doing what she can do, and trusting God to do the rest.  


While it is certain that a love for children & adults alike is true, it is also true that love for design-whether basic or extravagant is huge in her list of passions.


Tennessee native, Sony loves to entertain, plan events, and cheer for the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Exclusively His was the term that Sony's beautiful mom often mantled her with.  Every favor assembled, every linen ironed, every centerpiece hand placed-it is exclusively His.    Every compliment, every testimony, and every well done is only because of being Exclusively His.  Birthed in that realm is always room for celebrations, respectively.   How the event looks is important, but how the event made you feel is our primary focus.  



"Atmosphere is our Game Changer"



At Exclusively His, our team enjoys seeing a blank canvas, or a mess of a space transform from nothing to something incredible.  


Based in Charlotte, NC, Exclusively His is the business platform to our social & gift design firm-Celebrations.   Petite Couture is the Celebrations division for kids.  Respectively, none of what we do can be done without being Exclusively His.

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Celebrations offers  Event Styling in the following capacities: Complete Planning for Decor+ Coordination for Children and Adult Events, Partial Planning + Coordination, and Wedding Planning Services.  We consult with you, research vendors, and find exactly what you need for your event.   Celebrations by Exclusively His manages the hard work, so you can relax and be the host or bride.

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